Leviton Lumina Zigbee Devices

Apparently these i’ve been on the official “works with SmartThings” list for a while, but I just noticed them today while I was looking for something else. There is a zigbee high load (30A) relay, similar to the smartenIT, and two wall switches, one that requires a neutral and one does that does not. The one that does not says it’s specifically designed to handle high inrush current flows like LEDs.

Is anybody using these?


I didn’t know these existed. I can’t find the no-neutral-required switch for sale anywhere after a quick google search. I’m not crazy about that style with the push button on the bottom and dim up/down tabs at the top. But beggars can’t be choosers and it’s a real PITA to get workable lighting solutions without neutrals in the switch boxes, so if I could find one I’d probably try it out.

I didn’t see it anywhere either, not even in the Leviton online store. But the Lumina was originally intended as a commercial brand, sold to hotels and office buildings, so it may not be available except through their installer channels. That’s one reason I was asking if anyone had one. But it’s definitely featured on the SmartThings site, so presumably they saw one at some point:

@tyler might know more.

We’ve been working with Leviton to approve a wide range of their products, including models that are only available through their installer network.

I’ll follow up with the team and see if these are available anywhere else.

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