Universal Switches / Relay

(Nico) #1


I want to turn my existing in wall switch and lamp into ‘smart things’ that connected to Smartthings.
For me, using Aeon Labs Micro Smart Energy Switch is perfect, I can place it inside junction box behind in wall switches if there’s enough room, or I place it near the fitting lamp, and I can place it inside ceiling that have plenty of room.

But, I have problem with shipping, amazon.com can’t ship that Aeon Labs Micro Switch to Indonesia, I don’t know why

AFAIK, GE in wall paddle switch is only working on 110VAC. I am using 220VAC here.
So, is there any way or kind of Aeon Labs Micro Switch for me ?

I can use Arduino with ST Shield, but it’s more complicated to use.

(Chuckles) #2

I believe Indonesia uses the European Z-wave frequency - 868.4Mhz.

Z-wave switches from, for example, the UK (e.g. amazon.co.uk) would match both the Z-wave frequency used in your country as well as the 220/240v mains supply.

The problem you would face with this route, however, is getting a SmartThings hub built for the European Z-wave frequency - only a limited number were manufactured for Kickstarter backers.

Hopefully we’ll see the v2.0 hub released for international markets sooner rather than later (it has currently only been announced for North American markets).

(Nico) #3

Let say I use recent Smartthings hub now, that operate US z-wave frequency. It mean my hub is only work with Z-wave US version ?

because I don’t know is there any regulation about z-wave frequency here.

What I concern is the operating voltage, it’s hard to me to search the relay or switches that run on both 110 and 220 VAC.

Do you have any relay or switches that works on 220 VAC ?

(Matt) #4

Here is a 220 switch from Aeon

(Nico) #5

but it’s a little bit big and expensive

(Matt) #6

Yes it is expensive and huge, luckily I only needed 1 for my drier. I may put one on my HVAC but haven’t decided yet.