Connecting to Smartthings hub remotely

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Just received and activated my Smartthings hub and everything is working great from home. I was curious, can anyone give me any pointers or howto’s so that I can connect to the system remotely?

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Normal interface is through a SmartPhone or tablet. In either case you’re accessing your account through the SmartThings cloud, not directly to the Hub. So you should be able to access it regardless of where you are as long as you are connected to the internet.


Step 1) Be remote
Step 2) Open mobile app
Step 3) You’re now connected remotely!

No opening ports or hackery involved!

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lol - sometimes the answer is right smack in your face :smile:


You must be an IT to give instructions like that! Lol!


SmartThings Support at your service!


Great! I’ll catch you this weekend with a few questions on getting my SmartThings to be my new home security system!

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Seems to me #1 is redundant since you’re always connecting remotely, even if you’re 2 inches away from the hub. :smile:

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Well, if you were standing in the SmartThings server farm using Wifi from their server then you won’t be remote, would you? :wink:


Hi Tyler. Can you help me out?

I just added a Aeon labs range extender and it is seen by the hub. However, it keeps turning itself off in the SmartThings. I also checked in the “” and I can see this:
Range Extender 1 switch states
Date Name Value Units
13 Aug 2014 22:49:29 - 15 hours ago switch off

What’s up with this? Why does it turn itself off?


I think you chatted in but the answer is that the extender pairs as a switch and accepts on/off commands, but those don’t stop it from repeating.