What did you do to connect to your hub from anywhere, work, abroad etc

(Dor Juravski) #1

I am not sure what terms to search for, but trying to figure out how to put my hub in port forwarding (which ports?) and allow connection to the hub from anywhere online. Is there a “cloud” option I can activate?

If you did this, can you reply with a description of what you did including ports?
Any 3rd party software?
How did you secure the connection to the hub?


(Jimmy) #2

Why would you need to? Everything I do with my hub is through the app or https://account.smartthings.com

(Mark) #3

The hub doesn’t really make any services accessible directly whether you’re on your local LAN or connecting remotely.

It all goes through ST’s servers in the cloud, and there’s an admin portal accessible in a browser like @prjct92eh2 mentioned.

(Dor Juravski) #4

I just gave it a try, and yes it works when I’m outside the zone. So the app on my phone (android in this case) doesn’t use Wifi to reach the hub directly, it uses the account from Samsung/Smartthings to reach the hub. That’s great!
Thanks for the update and quick response!