'Remote' (over cellphone) access to Samsung appliances via SmartThings App?

(I was suggested to move my original question here to not pollute another thread so reposting)

I’m looking to purchase a Samsung device (in this case a range) that is compatible with SmartThings.

I need to control/monitor it remotely (outside of my wifi).

I understand the app has a ‘cloud’ option. I also understand there is a thing called the ‘SmartThings Hub’.

Can I merely monitor/control the device from the app (cloud option chosen I suppose) or do I I need to purchase the hub? Any guidance and thoughts greatly appreciated. Thanks.

You do not need the hub. The range communicates directly to the ST cloud.


Once Smartthings is setup in your home ( you have to use the SmartThings app), you can continue using the app to control and monitor devices provided you have some kind of internet connection be it mobile data or wifi.


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