Connecting to Hue_B_Smart issues

hello everyone, first post on the site. help me not go crazy anymore. im new to the world of smartthings and im trying to get the hue_b_smart app running so that i can include scenes in my webcore pistons. i believe i have followed the instructions correctly but incase i have missed something vital i will quickly list what i have done.

via my desktop browser i have a navigated to my device handlers/create new device handler and selected “add from code”

in here i have copy/pasted from github the source code . i published and added this then went to my smart apps and manually added “infofiend Hue_B_Smart” and hit update from repo. added all files and published them. enabled oauth.

then back in the classic smartthings app i have navigated to my smart apps and attempted to add this app. everything seems to be working smoothly but i am unable to find any of my two bridges. i have removed all hue products from my devices and uninstalled the smart lighting app and now alexa

sorry for the rambling but this is exactly what i did and iv done it several times .also tried via the new smartthings app as well but no different . im in canada btw, incase that matters.

Welcome to the community. A few things that might help here:

  1. Make sure you are using the latest version of the smartApp (see below)
  2. Make sure you also installed the needed device handlers.
  3. See this thread for more details (messages sent in this thread will likely get better response)

tagging @tmleafs

still unable to link my bridge. iv posted in the other section unfortunately no responses, getting more action here.

where im at now is iv reset my smartthings hub. removed every single device and all integrations including alexa and logitech. removed smartapps and device handlers from desktop interface. im literally starting from scratch. iv then added tmleafs repository … added smartapp via repository and added all 9 device handlers via repository as well. published all and enabled OAuth for the smartapp. then via classic app i have apped new smartapp/myapps/hub_b_smart/save. then click on hue_b_smart and it starts to discover bridges and never finds anything.please help. my fear is this app doesnt work in canada and im just wasting my time …

Does the same thing in the UK too.

@tmleafs - There was a big Hub firmware updated in November. The iOS app Hue Lights had to update so it could connect again to the hub - so I assume there will need to be changes made to Hue_B_Smart.

Unfortunately I was having hub problems and as part of troubleshooting I removed hub_b_smart and can’t add it again. I’d like to trigger fading scenes if possible.

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