How do I add my lightbulbs to ST. Not showing up when scanning

How do I get my light bulbs added?

I have 8 Osram lights and 2 Hue lights. All of them are currently connected and running through the OSRAM bridge.

When I search in ST for the bulbs nothing is found.

So I got my first bulb added by resetting the osram bulb and then adding it in ST. However, I reset my second bulb and it is not showing up when doing a scan in ST.

I’m also new but I have been testing different brands of smart bulbs.I found some bulbs have to be right next to the hub.I mean like 3 inches.

Thanks for the reply. I got all my bulbs added with the exception of three that happen to be in the same room. ST sees them but doesn’t identify them. There just listed as “things”. :frowning:

What type of bulbs? How far are they from your hub? And lastly, can you run Live Logging in the IDE to see if you get an error when trying to turn them on/off/dim/etc?

Hue bulbs are not officially supported, so they will typicall connect as a “Thing” and you need to manually apply the correct devicetype.

Thanks for the reply. They are Hue bulbs. I went into the IDE and changed the device type to Zigbee Hue. I can do on/off action but they dont respond. They have never been connected to a Hue bridge. Only the osram bridge.

Try using the Zigbee RGBW devicetype and see if that works. Most likely ST is having trouble addressing the endpoint properly. The Zigbee RGBW is newer and uses updated zigbee methods.

Also are the Hue bulbs close enough to the hub? You might try moving them to make sure range isn’t an issue.

I tried using this device type as well. The bulbs are about 5 ft from the hub, in the same room.

It was recommend that I reset them and try to add them one at a time. Going to try that today when I get home.

Try using the device code in the linked post. Don’t worry about it saying it’s for the Kudled bulb. They’re identical to Hue bulbs. You probably just need the endpointId hardcoded and this will do that. You will need to follow the FAQ that @JDRoberts posted for you in the other thread to install this code in the IDE as a new Device Handler, then apply it to your bulbs.

If you can reset them (Hue bulbs don’t reset using the on/off cycling method like the Osram bulbs) and pair them one at a time; it could help you get a better join and not need the custom device handler.

Ok, got it copied and created in the IDE. Item has been published to myself. When I get home tonight I will unplug all of them and add them back one at a time after removing them from the ST hub and update here after we see what we get. Thanks so much for your help man I really appreciate it.

So as I mentioned I have copied the device handler into the IDE. I selected home as location and then selected the first THING. I checked the ST app and notice the device was showing an ON status. Now when I select on/off the app responds properly, however, looking at my webcam for that room it appears the lights arent actually switching on/off. Is this because I still need to go into the ST app and tell it that those THINGS are associated with that handler?

Possibly, but you do that in the IDE, not the ST app. In the IDE, go to the My Devices tab. Pick one of your Hue bulbs that are listed as THING and click on it. At the bottom of this device info screen is an Edit button, click on it. Here you will see a dropdown for the device handler where you can select the one you created. This will assign the device to the device handler.

Checked the bulb and its just named THING. Device type is currently set to “Kudled Color Bulb” But im positive they are not actually turning on and off.