Connecting a Philips Hue Calla

I just purchased several Philips Hue Calla outdoor lights, and was surprised to find that while smartthings give you access to most of the Hue inventory of products, it does not seem to be able to access any of the Hue outdoor products. (Other 3rd party services can: Google, Amazon, ifttt, yanomi, etc.)

Leaving smartthings out of the party seems odd. Does anyone know of a smartthings smartapp which will control the Callas?

I have some Hue outdoor lights that work with ST. I don’t have the Calla but it should work as well. Just to clarify - I use the hue bridge.

Which app are you using?

Hue floodlights work fine with ST for me. Was thinking about getting some Calla, so this is useful information if they’re not supported.

I also have the hue bridge.

I’ve tried on both the classic and the newest ST app. All that shows up in the device list is the Hue bridge itself.

Don’t go by me yet Owen. I’m fully willing to except I’m doing something incorrectly. Most of my colored smart bulbs are lifx, this is my first experience with Philips Hue

Ok, not sure what happened - but I just did another add of the Philips Hue Bridge, without first deleting it. This time all the Calla lights showed up.

Sorry for the fake alarm folks

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