Connect WiFi hub blinking red

I noticed yesterday that my ST Connect Hub was not accessible from the Connect app on my iPhone. It said it was offline. Last time I used the app was a couple of days ago. I went over to the hub and it’s blinking red. I power-cycled it, and that didn’t help. I then reset it, which caused it to go through a long cycle of various LED colors- red, green blue, yellow, solid, blink… lather rinse and repeat. After about 5-7 min it resumed blinking red.

Oddly enough, local routines are working, but I’m frozen out of accessing it, so I cannot add some new devices.

Any ideas how to recover, or is my ST hub dead? I have a spare Connect Hub, but I’m loath to replace it because I have over 40 connected devices. I also have an old v1 hub, which I assume is or will be soon obsolete/unsupported. Any suggestions, with recovery of existing hub being the highest priority?


I believe the red blinking on the connect hub is a power issue. You may want to contact ST support. Try using the power cord from tHe spare to see if that has any effect.

Thanks. I went ahead and swapped the power supply, but still blinking red. It was (and is) executing local routines such as motion-activated lights and door switches for lights, so I didn’t think the power was the issue.

I don’t know if it is recoverable… I hope it is, but my hopes are dim.

Flashing red on the WiFi hub isn’t a power issue

Check that the hub’s connection to your ISP is good, maybe reboot your cable/dsl/whatever device upstream from the hub.

does that apply for the Connect hub as well or only the newer wifi hub?

You’ll get a red blinking LED if you’ve plugged an Ethernet cable into the output side of the hub when it should have been plugged into the input.

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Probably yes. Support page just says “function error”

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The Ethernet cable is not plugged into the Output. This was a fully functioning hub. Nothing changed. It just started blinking red.

I’m going to replace it with my spare hub- a total PITA. Sorting thru how to somehow start over. I cannot remove the malfunctioning hub from the Connect app. It tries to add it as a 2nd hub.

I’ll have to then reset some 40 devices, about 1/3 Z-wave. Not fun.

It’s waiting to be set up. Get the app, and add the hub. Once that’s done the light will turn green.

It’s fixed. I know how to install the hubs, but we had had a power surge by PGE a couple of days prior and apparently it damaged an ethernet router between my cable modem and the hub. I replaced that and was able to recover the hub, though not before I had completely reset it first. I had to re-pair all my devices and recreate all my automations.

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