Hub randomly blinks red

I’ve got 4 of the latest Smartthings WIFI hubs and they appear to all work just fine for a while with zwave and Wifi mesh. Every now and then one or more Hub will blink red for a while and then go back to solid green. This happens daily at least at different times and i see no errors in any of the logs.

Anyone come across this or have a way to get to a hub specific log that would point to the error?

best advice is to contact ST support and let them investigate your issue.

Oh i have tried that many many times…the online support has no options for Smartthings and when you finally get to someone they just read what the manual says. Then I tried calling a few times and never got to a human.

US: 1-866-813-2404

app > menu > help

they use to have the option to request a call back, not sure if that is still available