Connect Powerview or hunter douglas hub to smartthings

Hi everyone,

I have a problem.
I have recently purchased a luxaflex powerview blind combined with the Hunter douglas hub V2.
I can control it via the powerview app, but i can’t add it (yet) to the smartthings app.

I had read that there is some sort of app written by someone, but i have really no idea how i should get that app onder “My apps”.

Can somebody please help me out??

Thank you for you help!

Best regards,
The Netherlands

Option 1: use the free IFTTT service to activate scenes

You can easily activate scenes on the powerview with IFTTT:

Option 2: use a community – created custom code integration

There is a more complex integration with many more features, but you will need the classic version of the smartthings app to make that work, it doesn’t work in the new version.

For more information about that you can ask the people in the following thread:

Also, if you want more information on the general terms and concepts of how custom code works with the classic app, see the following FAQ

So it just depends on what you need. :sunglasses:


Thank you for your quick reply!
I am going for the option 2. I saw the post from “Johnvey”, at the moment i am struggling to import the app via repo??
I am using the classic app always, don’t like the other app.

You should ask questions about that code in that thread. The author will be automatically notified when new posts are added to the thread, and other people who are using it may also be able to help. :sunglasses:

[RELEASE] Hunter Douglas PowerView Hub integration

I Will do,

Thanks for your help!

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