Hunter Douglas Platinum Bridge integration?

Hello. I just switched from veralite to smarthings hub v2.0 last night. So far everything works but i can’t seem to find any way of using my hunter douglas motorized shades. I used this app before on veralite and it wasn’t perfect but worked ok.,32344.0.html

anybody know of a way to get this working with smartthings? I’m not using the new powerview system that just got released but previous one powerrise 2.1 platinum setup.



SmartThings does not support simple TCP socket communication (a.k.a. “Telnet”). Currently, the hub can only talk over HTTP. Telnet functionality has been requested multiple times, promised and never delivered. There’s a hack that allows sending data, but you cannot receive.

Thank you. I guess i’ll use the hunter douglas app for now

install the device handlers, the smartapp, via ide
you need to download the status file per readme and host that somewhere you can get a URL to it and set that in preferences.


Just tried to grab the file, its not grabbing it. get this after running telnet on windows:

The system cannot find the file specified.

@schwark - thanks for smartapp I too struggle with this.
I accomplished ST-Hunter integration via IFTTT but it is a completely unreliable integration because Hunter cloud integration does not work half of the time or has long delays (10-30 seconds)

@kalex1114 the command to install telnet is pkgmgr /iu:“TelnetClient” (should be executed from run prompt)

@schwark The newer versions of the bridge no longer expose port 522. Port scan reveal only port 80 is open. Further research reveal it is a REST API on port 80. See:
How difficult is it to port your smart app?

Telnet is installed and working, 502 is opened. Input.txt is not there it seems

What you are describing is a different version of the gateway - called Powerview. I have the older one called Platinum gateway as do a.number of other SmartThings users. That is why I published this. I have not looked at the Powerview API - however you cannot migrate from one the other. Hunter Douglas tells me you have to get whole new shades to use the new platform.

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Use the python script - that is much easier to use and is cross platform as long as you have or can install python on your computer.

Hi @schwark,

I’m digging up an old thread here, but wanted to see if there were any more resources or documentation regarding this project.

I have some Silhouette shades which are controlled through a “non-branded” remote. Cross referencing the FCC ID on the remote reveals that this should be the same protocol as Hunter Douglas Platinum (aka “PowerRise”?, not to be confused with the more recent “Power View”?). So I’m looking to take a chance on a “Hunter Douglas PowerRise RF Bridge” to see if I can integrate with SmartThings and ultimately control the shades from the SmartThings app.

I’ve just started googling and stumbled onto your github repo for “smartthings-hunterdouglasplatinum”. Is there any other documentation / code I can read through to see what you and others have done in the past so I can make sure I understand all the requirements before I move forward?


Took the plunge and got a Platinum Bridge. The units works with my shades. Verified through the regular Hunter Douglas Platinum.

Onwards to SmartThings integration:

  • Used IDE to install and publish all three device handlers
  • Used IDE to Install and publish SmartApp
  • Ran to download the (static) status and placed output.txt in an accessible location
  • Added “Platinum Gateway Bridge” device to SmartThings via IDE, making sure to add in hex-encoded IP (w/ port 522 at the end)
  • Added SmartApp to SmartThings via Mobile App, adding in URL for status and IP address (in decimal, no port at the end)

All this seemed to go well, but I’m not sure I understand what happens next. Are child devices (scene and shade switches) supposed to magically appear in my Devices menu? Or do I need to manually add those too? Still digging…

Also, looking into logs in the IDE, I saw the following exception being hit by the SmartApp when doDeviceSync() is called every 5 minutes:

7a32d19a-dea3-4e03-9088-9537a7acbccd  7:07:28 AM: error java.lang.StringIndexOutOfBoundsException: String index out of range: 2
7a32d19a-dea3-4e03-9088-9537a7acbccd  7:07:28 AM: debug Updating status
7a32d19a-dea3-4e03-9088-9537a7acbccd  7:07:28 AM: debug processing state...
7a32d19a-dea3-4e03-9088-9537a7acbccd  7:07:28 AM: debug response contentType: text/plain
7a32d19a-dea3-4e03-9088-9537a7acbccd  7:07:28 AM: debug CF-Cache-Status : EXPIRED
7a32d19a-dea3-4e03-9088-9537a7acbccd  7:07:28 AM: debug X-XSS-Protection : 1; mode=block
7a32d19a-dea3-4e03-9088-9537a7acbccd  7:07:28 AM: debug Set-Cookie : __cfduid=d8d39254c9544fc39657f1e1b698be0261513516048; expires=Mon, 17-Dec-18 13:07:28 GMT; path=/;; HttpOnly
7a32d19a-dea3-4e03-9088-9537a7acbccd  7:07:28 AM: debug Cache-Control : public, max-age=1801
7a32d19a-dea3-4e03-9088-9537a7acbccd  7:07:28 AM: debug Transfer-Encoding : chunked
7a32d19a-dea3-4e03-9088-9537a7acbccd  7:07:28 AM: debug Content-Type : text/plain; charset=utf-8
7a32d19a-dea3-4e03-9088-9537a7acbccd  7:07:28 AM: debug Date : Sun, 17 Dec 2017 13:07:28 GMT
7a32d19a-dea3-4e03-9088-9537a7acbccd  7:07:28 AM: debug Doing Platinum Gateway Device Sync!

May need to uncomment some of the trace lines… will file additional info in GitHub…

Any luck getting it integrated I also have a hub similar to powerise

Yep - I got it working!

I added a few debug statements to better understand how the SmartApp was parsing the status file (output of

Turns out mine had a blank line at the top. This was causing the parsing code to choke when trying to find the 1st prefix:

  info.eachLine() { line ->
    line = line.trim()
    if(!prefix) {
      prefix = line[0..1]  // This will choke if a blank line is first
      log.debug("prefix is set to ${prefix}")
    else if(!line.startsWith(prefix)) {

Now that I’ve removed the blank line from my file, updateStatus() completes successfully and adds a “Switch” device for each Scene that was previously set up through the Platinum App (this is probably the preferred method - rarely do we want to operate individual shades). Toggling the switch to “ON” will cause the Scene to run. Toggling the switch to “OFF” appears to have no effect.

@Derrek113116 - you mentioned you have a hub “similar” to powerrise. You may want to confirm that it is indeed the Platinum Bridge, and not the later versions of Hunter Douglas technology. For example, my Platinum Bridge shows the following info underneath:

RF Bridge
M/N: 1010520090
IC: 7316A-PC

Many thanks to @schwark for this integration!!

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Yep my bridge says the same exact thing, can anyone walk me through this I can get the device handlers and app, just don’t understand the hosting/python stuff

Can anyone help me with this don’t know how to run the python script

Hi @Derrek113116 - sorry for the delay. For the first step, you’ll need to run the python script.

  • If your computer doesn’t have python, you’ll need to install it first
  • Download the script (
  • Connect your Platinum Hub to your router. Use your router to figure out the IP address of the Platinum Hub
  • Run as prescribed at the bottom of this page:

That means:

python <ip-address-of-gateway> > output.txt

That should dump some file called “output.txt” with a bunch of stuff in it. Let me know if you’re able to get that far.

Where do I download the file from the github right to the computer, anywhere?

Yes. You can download the script from github and place it anywhere. You only need to execute it once to grab the output. Just try it.

ok downloaded the, when to python and typed > output.txt, with the ip address of the gateway and get invalid syntax