Connect IKEA Remote to both Bulbs and ST Hub?


I’m pretty new to all this, and I have to get all the features to know.
At the moment I have a Samsung Hub v3, and Ikea Trådfri bulbs (E27 and GU10) and 5 button remotes. But for some reason I am not able to habe both the bulbs connected to the hub and the remote. Can anyone help?

You have to connect first the remote to the Hub, by the 5 press method. Then you can try to pair it to the bulbs by the 10 seconds long press. Make sure that the bulb is paired to the Hub as well before.

It works with older firmwares of the remote, newer ones are removing the association with the Hub, and only the bulbs can controlled.

Thank you :slight_smile: Unfortunately are mine new :frowning: If someone finds a workoround I’ll be very interested! :slight_smile:
Take care

@S.Lili, You can try to use ABC - Advanced Button Controller with the remote to define what you want. It is not a perfect solution but it works for many of us.

I have now been able to connect all bulks, controls, the hub and it all runs smoothely :slight_smile:
I am however a bit dissapointed thst I had to configure the 5 buttons again on the remote, since I was very happy with the way they worked from the beginning