Connect Devices on your existing cloud to the SmartThings Platform

There is an external APP and it is being serviced by the cloud server.
Is it possible to connect an external cloud server with SmartThings Cloud? (server to server)

If this is not possible, should the external APP be directly linked to SmartThings Cloud?

Have you already looked at the Cloud Connected Devices section of the documentation?

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A Cloud Connected Device communicates with the SmartThings Cloud through a third-party cloud and a Cloud Connector.

A Cloud Connected Device is our own APP.
(This is an app that checks the vehicle status.)
The external server is our own server.
Our server notifies the vehicle status to our APP.

I want to keep the APP shape and link the company’s server and SmartThings Platform to notify the vehicle status to the existing SmartThings APP.

Is it possible?
Can you elaborate on the above method?

thank you.