SmartThings Partnership: How To?

How do I integrate my commercially available device with SmartThings? Does Samsung provide support for this capability? Whom should I reach out to for assistance, and is there a subscription requirement?

Hi @aqua_cf Welcome to SmartThings Community

SmartThings provide different ways to integrate your devices, Hub connected devices, Cloud connected devices and Direct connected devices, you can create your integration and test it, once you finished your integration you will need to start a process to certify it certification proccess.

Could you tell me about your device? to understand better your situation and provide you with some help.


Hello , thanks for your reply .
My device is a connected thermometer which sends the current temperature at every moment.
I want to use smartthings to send the temperature to cloud to have an history

In that, you can read this documentation about Schema integration that can help in your situation, if you have any problem please let me know.

Does smartTag work with a cloud-connected device! , I read that if you want to use a cloud-connected device, you need to use another cloud to send data to smartthings cloud , but in my case I don’t have a cloud, I just want to send my data to the cloud smatthings via smartthings app (my device works with BLE as smartTag)