Cloud-to-Cloud integration

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we have a cloud of IoT devices and we would like to make then accessible from the SmartThings app (Android/iOS). So far, from what I’ve gathered of information we would need to create a Cloud-to-Cloud integration. I’ve tried to find a documentation and example of this kind of integration but I haven’t been able to find a working one.

Is there anyone here that could help me with this? I’ve trying joining the Partnership Program, getting in touch with they official support, but so far, nothing seems to work.


Have you checked out

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I was using is better than the former?

Depends a bit on your goal, I guess.

The stuff at is the new documentation and the path forward for integrations.

The stuff at is the model which has been used since the start of SmartThings, but it’s unclear if any new official integrations would be allowed this route.

If you just want to distribute to the community, then the groovy based approach from would work fine for you. But if the plan is to build something supported going forward, then you are probably better off sticking with the newer webhook/lambda stuff from

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our main goal is to let our customers seamlessly control their devices (which belong to our IoT cloud) with their SmartThings hub (through their SmartThings app). So, from what you’re telling me, I should probably use the new webhook/lambda, right?

Btw I’ve tried that, but apparently they have a bug in that kind of integration that blocks cloud-to-cloud integrations and they keep telling me that they are working on a fix, but it has been too long already, so I came here to see if this kind of integration would be possible.

It depends on your production timeline.

Thanks new API is not production ready and I wouldn’t count on any ETA.

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Our product is already in the market, so timeline would be “as soon as possible”.

We would love to have a partnership that would allow us to use the “Works with SmartThings” status therefore we’re trying really hard to have them to work with us, so, even if we create a Grovy project on GitHub that would allow our users to integrate their devices into SmartThings I don’t think would be fair to tell our users that we have SmartThings integration, since most of SmartThings users, I believe, wouldn’t know or wouldn’t be very happy, to go through all that installation process.
So, I don’t really know what would be my next step. We have IFTTT integration and that gives our customer an alternative, which is far of being the best one (IFTTT has some really bad delay, and that, sometimes, confuses our customers to think we didn’t executed his commands).

You’re not alone. Nobody really knows how there devices will work with the new APIs and App. Hell not even the consumer knows which app to use and which does/doesn’t work. I’m still waiting (for weeks now) for the Hub connected documentation to be released. I at least expected the other two to work, but oh well…

Personally I’d stay away from the groovy and wait for ST to get there new documentation and system ready. I’m also not doing any work on my DTHs and Smartapps till I know how to support the new app. But thats my personal opinion.

Groovy: works with ST classic. Not with the new Smartthings (Samsung Connect) app. At least what I heard from some people that tried custom devices with it.

Samsung connect: Probably only works with the new app. Has (for now) a pretty small user base, since ST has to transfer every ST user account to a Samsung Account before they can use it. And if you’re right the IDE doesn’t even work :+1: