Connect D-link 2330L

I just got a new D-link 2330L and am having difficulty setting the camera up with ST. I followed the steps in the app and on the support site here.

Started the app and got to the D-link camera integration
Plugged in the camera
Found the camera
Set the password
Logged in
Named the camera
Setup wireless (Could not find wireless even though it was 3 feet away from the router
Finished the setup.

So now can see the camera in the app but no picture, just sound from the camera
How can I get the camera to see the wireless router? How can I get the picture to show in the app?

Tried a number of settings rebooting no luck.


I’m having the same issue. Camera works while connected via Ethernet cable but set up does not detect wireless network. I’ve removed camera and re-connected several times but no success with the wireless connection.

I’m having the same problem. Disconnected and reconnected several times. My wireless is broadcasting and my other devices have no issues connecting. I can see through the camera in the SmartThings app if it is connected via ethernet cable.

I found a way around it. Finish the setup by selecting to Skip Wireless Setup. Disconnect the ethernet cable. Then, I used the smart connect on my router by pressing that button then pushing the connect button on the back of the camera for 6 seconds. In less than 30 seconds, the status light was blinking green and I could view the camera through the SmartThings app.