Trouble connecting D-Link DCS-2132 camera wireless

I am having problems connecting my D-Link DCS-2132 wireless to the Samsung Smartthing hub. It connects fine wired, but when going through the setup process the step to connect to a wireless network fails indicating it can not see any wireless networks. I have successfully connected the camera wireless to the native DLink cloud software. Any one else having this issue or have any ideas?

I has this issue at first, but then I realized that I was typing the wrong password. ST should tell you that the password is wrong instead of just “pretending” that is everything fine and installed. Did you try to confirm the password?

Fabioec thanks for the response. Yes, I did reset the device completely including the password several times. It connects fine using the native D-Link cloud application but not Smartthings.

I am having this same issue now. Did you figure it out?

Unfortunately I gave up and returned the camera to Best Buy and purchased the Samsung camera.