D-Link DCS 2132L "we cannot verify if your camera has a password"

(Jaime Jones) #1

I am brand new to SmartThings. I’ve had a D-Link DCS-2132L camera linked to a different system. I’ve unattached from that system. Reset the camera. I’m attempting to attach now to SmartThings. It finds my camera, but then I get the error “We cannot verify if your camera has a password”. Any thoughts on how to get past this?

(Christopher Pisano) #2

I’m getting this same thing. I haven’t found a way past it yet. So far I’ve been using the D-Link app because it’s a camera I need to be able to monitor.

(Michael) #3

same issue for me.


Bump. Has anyone found a solution to this?


Make sure you set camera http port to 80 during setup.