Help connecting Linear FS20Z-1 to garage door opener

Hi all. Ive been learning to install Z wave devices as I go, so I’m a newbie. Ive looked online and on videos, but I want to be sure I know how to connect the Linear device to the garage door opener (a LiftMaster) the right way (as in, am I connecting the Linear to the garage door opener, or to the AC outlet/power cable?). Can anyone walk me through real quick or point me in the right direction? This is what is coming out of my garage door opener:

Thanks in advance, sorry it’s such a basic question.

Why are you using that? I added the lift master gateway device last weekend. Super easy and all wireless.

I have 2 of the of the same garage door lifters. I use one of these Liftmaster 828LM Garage Door Opener Internet Gateway. It works very well. And with Lift Master device type one gateway can control up to 3 Garage Doors.

I didn’t know that Internet gateway existed. Looks super simple to set up and perfect. Just ordered one and the Linears are going back. Thanks for the heads up.

Way easier so good call. It will require you download their app which works well, The next question will be how to get it embedded within smartthings. It’s not an official sensor so you have to add a new device to do that. There is a long thread on this but I’m holding out a bit to see if one of the options goes official.

ah bummer, I don’t think the FS20Z will work with that kind of garage door opener. It’s too new. You can get the MyQ opener.