LFM-20 Relay with Hub 2.0

I can’t seem to have my Relay setup as a garage door. I have a Smart Sense Multi sensor and the LFM-20 Relay. I first had some issues with the Multi Sensor. You can’t choose what type of door it is on anymore. You have to change the sensor type in the API site to “SmartSense Garage Door Multi”. The new app is lacking a bit in that department. I then found an issue when I joined the LFM-20 Relay. My Garage Door opener didn’t want to work. It flashed a light code which indicated a short in the wire. I found in the forums I had to change the Type of relay from Zwave Relay to “Z-Wave virtual Momentary Contact Switch”. My garage door opener started working again.

My main problem is the routines don’t see this setup as a garage door. With Hub 1.0 I was able to able to put the house in night mode and it would shut the garage if left open. At the moment I don’t see a good way of doing this. Sure I could try to fire a command to turn on the relay as if it was a switch but that doesn’t know if it’s opened or closed. It may do the opposite and open it.

I created a support ticket but it appears support has had their hands full with several issues revolving around this upgrade and will take forever to get back with me. Anyone else experience this or have a solution?

This capability was removed with the 2.0 series apps. Support has said they are looking into a new way of doing it but there is no timeframe at present.

CRAP! They better get that fixed soon. Is there a page of issues listed for things that won’t work on 2.0 so I don’t go out and buy them yet?

I have not tested this yet, but has anyone had luck creating SmartRules routine as a workaround?

I modified an old ST app called Garage Monitor; it sends me a text if I’ve left the garage door open. The app is not dependent on it appearing as a garage door, but instead works directly off the multi-sensor state. It would be simple to modify this app to close the door if it’s open, checking at the mode change. Send me a PM if you want to use this, and I’ll help you modify it for your use case.

I purchased several of the Linear FS20Z Relay Contact Modules… Hooked 1 to my garage, 1 to my gate controller and since the update can’t add the 3rd device to my RV door. Is this product now rendered useless with the new release of this app? Since the new app was release, I’ve had NOTHING BUT PROBLEMS. Several smartApps stop working, etc…

Thanks, but with the mutli sensor, I am able to determine if it’s opened or closed. I have that send me notifications. I can still click on the sensor button to open and close so I am fully functional however it is not registered as garage door in the app. In hub 1.0 I was able to shut the garage door as soon as it went to away mode or night mode if it was left open. Can’t do that anymore.

I too am throwing my hands up at this product. I have about $1500 invested and I deal with issues on a daily basis. With Hub 1.0 it at least worked 80 to 90% of the time. Hub 2.0 is worse.

That’s what I was talking about, modifying an existing app to give you that functionality. It wouldn’t take much.

Smart Rules? I don’t have those options. That is pretty impressive though.

SmartRules is an iOS app. Super useful for bridging gaps in ST functionality. @obycode and the team have done a great job.

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