Computer Shutdown, thinking out loud

So currently, at the end of the day, i finish work on my computer, and I tell it to shutdown. A few minutes later I check that the power light on the cpu is off, and I “tell Alexa” to turn off my desk…then, no power to the cpu, no power to the monitor, printers, desk lamp, overhead light, and pencil sharpener… so, how could I set that up to remove my having to physically shutdown the computer first…maybe an UPS? Thoughts? Suggestions? Thanks

If I understand you correctly, you want a graceful shutdown of the computer that doesn’t require physically touching the computer?

If so, that’s what “wake on LAN” is for. Most PC operating systems now support it. It allows you to send a remote command over your local area network to tell the computer to shut itself off or to turn itself back on.

Assuming you have that option enabled on your laptop, it should be pretty easy to set up something to initiate it.

If you search the forums for “WOL” you should find some discussion. You can’t do it directly from the smart things hub, but you can involve an additional device to issue the WOL commands.

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I think you maybe making this more complicated than it needs to be.

ST outlet -> power strip -> the devices in your office you want hard powered off

Make it work:
The ST outlet monitors power usage, and from your setup your ur PC should be the biggest power user.
Have ST monitor the power usage of your “office” ST outlet when the power usage falls below a certain value, lets say 10w. Smartrules, obyrules and rule machine are good tools to get this done.

How this works in real life:
At the end of the day, i finish work on my computer, and I tell it to shutdown. ST will see the drop in power and turn everything off. No need to tell alexa anything except to play some music :).


Yeah, this is the way i was thinking of going…i had hoped i could come up with a way that if i walked away from my computer without telling it to shutdown that something could trigger that shutdown automatically…

You mean like this?

Yes…that along with RM will do what I am looking for. Thanks

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You can also try using EventGhost that listens for a shutdown command from ST.