12 volt Z wave switch to turn on computer

I am looking to find a 12 volt(low power) Z Wave switch that I can splice into my Windows based desktop computer power button to turn on my computer from my iPhone/SmartThings.

Thanks for your input.

I know you are looking for a 12 volt system. But I use this plug and set my computer BIOS to auto reboot. That way, my computer boots when I tell “Alexa, turn on my computer” and the plug is turned on. Not sure if that will help you if you are committed to a 12 volt answer.

You could just use a Wake On LAN magic packet to turn on your computer. No wiring required.

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Todd M
To be honest, I would prefer the method you mentioned but I could not figure out how the shutdown sequence/turning off the computer with the switch still on would work. Could you please give more more detail on you have set the process and up.

Thanks for the input!

I updated my post with a link to @stephack’s Boot Me Up Scotty App. There is probably more details in that thread. I have not personally implemented this.

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@Duce, my process is quite simplistic. The boot time for my computer is several minutes (old hardware). So I “turn on” my computer while making coffee. Then it is fully booted once I get to it. I shut down my computer using the typical Shut Down option from windows and then turn off the plug. Sometimes I do turn off the plug while my system is running but I don’t have vital software running at that time. So no real magic for the shut down.

Are you aware of a way for the computer to send a signal to the switch, (through SmartThings hub) to turn it off after the computer has turned itself of without you doing it manually?

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Good question. I’ll have to look into that.

Here ya go. You don’t need all of it but the info is there.