A way to turn computer screen off?

I have a ‘Goodnight’ routine that shuts off lights and locks doors.
Is there a way to send a command to a PC to turn off the monitor?
I guess I could get a outlet switch for the monitor but I do not want to hard shutdown my expensive monitor every night.
Or instead of ST/CoRE turning the monitor off. Can a PC read a routine and run a macro on the PC itself?

You should be able to use WOL (wake on LAN) with most PCs.

You can write your own code for it, but the easiest way will be to use Webcore. This is a very sophisticated rules engine written by the community and it has WOL capabilities for its rules.

So I would just start by talking to the people using web core. They have their own forum.

If you’d like to look at some of the other alternatives, you can use the quick browse lists in the community – created wiki, look in the project report section, and look on the “power” list. There should be several project reports about WOL, but most of them were written before webcore was available. So at this point, I think I would just start with webcore, but it’s up to you. :sunglasses:


Search the Forum for “EventGhost”: as the simplest and most direct solution to your problem … I think.

EventGhost creates a “server” on your PC that you can talk to with a few simple commands from SmartThings. Or you can send it lots of SmartThings Events and use EventGhost’s own rule engine to act on them.

I use EventGhost to automatically switch the output speakers on my Windows 10 PC, when I move from my small screen to projector and amp. I’m pretty sure that it offers a system command to shutoff the monitor.

If you want to issue a full PC sleep command, then, indeed, you’ll need a separate SmartApp to send a “Wake on Lan” command from the SmartThings Hub.