Complete compatible device list? (2021)

Is there a curated list of the devices that work with ST? Vehemently not this one:

… which is simply unusable. (It requires “filter by brand” — if I knew what brand I wanted, I wouldn’t be searching — and presents as advertising, not feature lists.)


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The list on the Aeotec site is helpful, but unfortunately it doesn’t tell you exactly which features of the certified devices will be available.

To give an obvious example, the aeotec Walmote quad, which is made by Aeotec itself, Is advertised as supporting up to 16 scenes, because each of the four buttons accepts press, long press, swipe up, and swipe down.

However, the official smartthings integration doesn’t recognize swipe up or swipe down. :disappointed_relieved: So while are you can get 16 scenes with most certified zwave hubs, including Fibaro, Ezlo, and Homeseer, if you have an Aeotec branded smartthings hub, you can only control eight scenes through the official integration.

And in particular, if you are using the SmartThings platform you cannot control dimming from this device, because that’s what the swipes are often used for. :rage:

There are many other examples for other models.

So the Aeotec list is a good list of devices which have gone through certification. But the integration may only be at the most basic level of on/off. You just have to individually research each model and try to figure it out. Or come to this forum and ask.

In addition, there are a whole bunch of devices which will work just fine with smartthings at the basic level but don’t have individual certification.

Minoston, which is a budget zwave brand, is a good example. Quite a few of their devices work well with smartthings and don’t require any custom code, but they aren’t a “certified“ partner.

So the short answer to the question is no, there isn’t such a list. But there are places to start your research, and the Aeotec list is a good one. :sunglasses:

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This is also a list by brand. How does that constitute a “good” list?

Research doesn’t seem helpful, either. Several times I have researched a product that claims SmartThings compatibility and found that it does not, in fact, have anything like full ST compatibility.

Here’s my latest purchase that needs to be immediately returned despite claiming to work with SmartThings:

Zooz 700 Series Z-Wave Plus Mesh Network Remote Control & Scene Controller ZEN34 (Battery Powered), White | Z-Wave Hub Required

I have a Zooz Zen 34 and it works great with Smartthings. You need to install the correct Device Handler for it to work. I just installed it a couple weeks ago.
You can find a link for the device handler at The Smartest House web site.

Why oh why can’t there be a list by function? If I want an e.g. candelabra bulb, why can’t there be a list of brands? I definitely don’t want to click on every brand to see which ones have a candelabra bulb.

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I’m glad it’s working for you. It’s not for me. And of course I installed the device handler from the Web site.

TL;DR for SEO that will hopefully help someone in the future:

The Zooz ZEN34 does NOT work with SmartThings.
The Zooz ZEN34 does NOT work with SmartThings.
The Zooz ZEN34 does NOT work with SmartThings.

I would suggest contacting Zooz customer service at This address is printed in large letters on the lime green portion of the box.
Or contact the Smartest House at INFO@THESMARTESTHOUSE.COM


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Hi Graham, so sorry to hear the device didn’t work well for you. It’s super frustrating when things just aren’t working out of the box. We’ve seen issues with different devices not being recognized correctly by SmartThings if a custom handler is required after the recent ST platform update. We’re dedicated to getting the device added to the ST library as soon as possible. In the meantime, we’ll reach out to you with a few troubleshooting steps as well.

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I’m sure that’s very frustrating. :disappointed_relieved: The zooz Zen34 is definitely working for some people as long as you have the North American version of the hub. (It won’t work with the UK or Australian versions.)

But a number of people have been reporting various issues with custom DTHs since the newest version of the smartthings app, so you probably ran into one of those. It’s very annoying. :rage:

Hopefully tech-support from The Smartest House Will be able to help: they are normally very good.

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I returned it, as I mentioned in my OP. I only posted to help future searchers that the Zooz ZEN34 does not work with SmartThings. There, I did it again.