Aeotec WallMote Gen 5 - new device for 2016

I was browsing the Aeotec website and came across the WallMote due out sometime in 2016.

It’s a wireless, battery powered wall-switch that has what looks to be 4 quadrants/buttons.

I’m glad to see some more wireless buttons hitting the market. Switches aren’t always in the best locations, and replacing one with a smart one only helps if you are planning to use voice control or some trigger automation (motion, mode, routine, etc).

From the first pic, this looks nice enough to be on display, too. Let’s hope to see some more info on this soon.

@JDRoberts, this might be a nice addition for you if the price is reasonable.

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Wow, that’s cool!! I bet it has push/held, just like a Minimote. Even if not, it looks better than my solution:


The text on the site says “over dozens of zwave scenes” so I was almost thinking maybe it will work almost like a keypad to control scenes and automations.

But at least you can paint over that tape if you choose!

That looks slick, and will help with the WAF. She is getting use to the Echo. I see here reach for switch and then stop and go “Alexa turn on living room lights” haha. This will help when we have people over for sure.


Another great use is for people who want to disable an automation, such as motion-on/off. When they try to do that with a switch, it often doesn’t work. But with this, no problem.

I’m expecting to see someone fit this into a coffee or end table top, so it’s a “built-in” controller.

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I think @bravenel ran out of blue tape recently…

Maybe we can get him to accept tape donations since he won’t take money for Rule Machine?

On a table, you shouldn’t need tape.
Just box it in with some books or your other remotes that are no longer needed thanks to HA.

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It’ll be great if they ever actually make it.

Aeotech makes nice devices, but they also have a habit of announcing things that either never arrive or take years to arrive. Their window film has been “coming soon” for about three years. And the doorbell was supposed to come out every quarter for 6 quarters in a row before it finally happened. And their glass panel battery switch was supposed to be first-quarter 2015 and isn’t out yet.

So I wouldn’t hold your breath waiting for the wallmote, but it’ll definitely be worth a look once it comes to market. :sunglasses:

I thought the smart film was available, but only if you were an installer? Maybe it was a different product of theirs I had seen that was available this way.

I agree. I think this is a big step up from the 1 button glass panel switch (and looks nicer)

Hi all,

I contacted Aeotec (July 2016) for an update on the availability of the Wallmote in Europe.
Bellow are their answer…

First answer: 11/07/2016

Hi Tony

I do know that the Wallmote will be available in the US in the next few months, but i do not know if the release time will be the same in the UK. I am contacting one of our business developers to see when it will be available. I will get back to you after i have heard further information.

Chris Cheng
Field Application Engineer
Aeon Labs

Second answer: 12/07/2016

Hi Tony

The Wallmote is currently under Trial production at this time, it should be available around mid-August.

You will be be able to purchase directly from these vendors as soon as they become available: Z-Wave Europe, Domadoo, Vesternet

Chris Cheng
Field Application Engineer
Aeon Labs

Thanks to Chris Cheng for replying so promptly!
Hopefully I will be able to add this to my Christmas list!



Already considered for a garage/ outdoor light controller recessed into a laundry room counter top. :slight_smile:

where is that smart tint lol

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I remember hearing somewhere that it would be some time before it was a consumer available product.

It is past mid-August. Why won’t they take my money?

This is how Aeon Labs operates. They make good devices and they make them on many different zwave frequencies. But they also preannounce stuff which can then take years to come to market, if it all. They’ve had some “coming soon” devices for at least four years that I know of.

There are some alternatives, depending on whether you’re in the UK or the US. See the list of buttons and remotes that work with SmartThings – – some of them work well on a wall.

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