UK: Vesternet Summer Sale 2021 (inc. Aeotec V3 Hub and Sensors)

This is a fairly small sale, 10% to 20% off, but has several popular devices including the Aeotec “Works as a SmartThings Hub” model and the new Aeotec zigbee sensors.

9 August 2021 is the last week, so look quick!

(Note that UK zwave frequency devices will only work with a hub of the same frequency. )


I’m not 100% sure which of the Fibaro devices works with the 2021 version of the SmartThings app: last time I looked, the multisensor did and the Smart Implant did not, but there were people working on it. The Aeotec devices should all have at least basic functionality. And it has been reported in the forum that the Sensative devices still work well. :thinking:

The Aeotec button only works with the Aeotec Chime or Siren: it’s not a standalone device.

The Remotec Scene Master used to be a very popular device in the community, but there were issues with it and the 2018 SmartThings app and I don’t know the current status. The two people who had worked on custom DTHs for it no longer use SmartThings. :disappointed_relieved:

So basically check the forum for any specific zwave models for the most current information. (And, yes, I hate this, too. It shouldn’t take this much research to know what’s compatible, but right now it does.)

And this is Aeotec’s list of which Fibaro devices are “certified“ as compatible. Note that the Smart Implant is not included.

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