Compatible Radiator Valves (UK)

Hello, lot lot of thanks.
Works with webcore?, I want to open or close it with a piston, can I set open 100% with webcore ? Or close or set 40%?’

Open partially I refer is I put 25° and the temperature of the room is 24,5 the thermostat is closing progressively or opening?.

What is your opinion about this thermostat, works fine?

Lot lot of thanks.

You can better set the desired temp and the TRV will do the trick. The TRV itself controls the valve fine. Put the temp in your webcore.

The valve measures the temp, knows the setpoint and does the job very well.

I have one SmartApp that I use for 4 different TRV’s: SmartVentManager. I don’t use webcore for the TRV’s (yet).

Grtn Ben

Hello,I will use with webcore, can I put the temperature of the valve on webcore?, or set the valve off or on?, I have programmed my own thermostat to switch on/off the heat.


I’m not used to Webcore and TRV’s.

Use at least these 2 commands to switch the TRV to Heat and set the Temperature

Choose a temperature you prefer, try that in your webcore.

Couldn’t find an example of a webcore.

Works fine with the dh and webcore but on actiontiles not work, didn’t send command you know why?, one question, to add it I must do it with classic app I New app didn’t find it. And when open the new app show an error, do you know why?


hello I ise your dh but for me dosnt show % open like your picture, the second file 3 icon you show 20%, on my app show the battery!! ???.
And on ly show 2 files:
1.- heat, eco, lock
2.- off, refresh, battery icon

and the 3 file??? I dont understand


Solved , other dh show as you.

I have installed today the valve, after few hours and open and close show on display status ins, your valve recalibrated? More than one time?


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