Z-Wave TRVs


just wondering if anyone has tried these radiator valves on SmartThings:

Z-Wave Eurotronic Comet Heating Thermostat http://www.vesternet.com/z-wave-eurotronic-comet-heating-thermostat
Z-Wave Eurotronic StellaZ Radiator Thermostat http://www.vesternet.com/z-wave-stellaz-radiator-thermostat


I am currently trying to het the Comet to work, so far no joy, but that could be one of two things

  1. The device is detected as a DIMMER… I have changed it to other devices but that does not work
    which could be related to
  2. It has a pretty “smart” installation process. It does not quite work on my radiator, and I think it tries to physically connect, and as it does not make contact with the pin in the radiator (adapter is too short) it never leaves installation mode.

So I am first trying to solve the physical problem (how can I get it to be in physical contact with the pin needed to open the valve) and then will move back to issue number one

But any help for a generic device handler for these radiator valves is welcome!!!

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Ok, just to close the loop. Did not get this to work. In general I think that these devices are just not ready to work with smartthings yet (in general there are not many of these devices)

I ended up purchasing an evohome setup… not Zwave, but wifi, but with IFTTT bridge (and hopefully soon real smartthings integration) I think its better to go for a dedicated solution.

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BTW not a smart device but I had an issue where the pin was too short for a digital trv (itemp terrier). This was solved with an insertion of a 5 pence coin in mine.

clever, that would have probably worked for me. The real problem was that I could not get the device to be recognized as a genuine TRV, just a dimmer…

Have you tried to change the device handler?

have you find a Solution ?

I try all Device handler but not good result :frowning:

I am using Danfoss Living Connect Lc-13.
Works fine with a custom DH…

Ok I try when I’m at home.

You just change the device type with Danfoss Living Connect Lc-13 ?

Thank you.

Don’t mean to derail this thread but curious what your experience with TRVs has been? I live in a 100 year old home with steam heat. I’ve thought about getting dumb TRVs but I’m not convinced they’ll actually make a difference.

I try but not work.

The Comet pair like Dimmer I change the type with Danfoss but nothing 5 Woke up but not working status :frowning:

Danfoss is another valve brand…

Hoooo ok I make a mistake !

I’m not sure TRVs with Zwave are the best solution the battery is my problem I put classic TRV thank

If you have the time have a read through this:

I’ve got 4 or 5 Danfoss Living Connect TRV’s installed. I use them in a part of the house that gets used infrequently. The area in question is on a separate zone and heats 4 or 5 rooms, most of the time only one or 2 of those rooms are in use on couple of days of the week. The use of the TRV with ST let’s me turn the zone on and then turn the rads I want on or off.

I’m currently using the DTH posted by @tommysqueak which has a switch capability which let’s me turn the rad on or off at predefined temperatures.

There’s also a post in the same thread for POPP TRV’s which I believe are very similar to the Danfoss but might report the local temperature which the Danfoss do not.

I have mine set to check in every 15 minutes to pick up set point changes from ST.

for me they work well but they’re only of use given the above scenario, I use standard TRV’s in the ret of the house which gets used year round.