Community updated list of z-wave switches (all additions welcome)

I put a spreadsheet on google docs folks can edit with Z-WAVE switches and capabilities. I covered most of the GE switches. not everything is filled out and I only marked a few as current/discontinued.

please update & share!

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Looks like a good start!

Why don’t you move this to the community-created wiki? That way a lot more people will see it and hopefully even more people will contribute to it.

You can just add it as a page called “Zwave switches” in the devices category. :sunglasses:

Don’t bother with the category template, that’s for when you have one device per page. Instead, just set up the table however you want it and then add the following category line at the very end of the page. That way it will get included in the top index for the devices category.

[[Category:Unofficially supported devices]]

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Great start. Can you add more info to this list? For example, which switches show up as buttons in smartthings and how many buttons do they offer.

I requested an account for the wiki page.

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I’m adding to the wiki as soon as I get an account. as far as how well supported they are and additional features like multi-button, z-wave scenes etc it would be best to let the community expand on it.

I created it for the purpose of having a quick reference as i’m looking to expand and found myself looking the same thing up repeatedly.

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Tagging @obycode :sunglasses:

added onto the smart things wiki. unfortunately to keep it editable I added it as a google docs link which can be edited by anyone. if someone knows of a format this can be put into the wiki with that is easy for folks to add/update that would be great.