Z WAVE PLUS smart motion switch (GE 26931)

has anyone purchased and tried this switch? would like to know where you were able to purchase it aside from here;


cant seem to find MODEL number for this particular switch on the site as well.

id like to see if I can find it cheaper than the above like which looks like the manufacturers site(?).

thank you.

There are three or four threads on this already. But I don’t think anyone has made a device type handler for it yet, as it is just starting to come on the market.

As you noted, that is indeed the manufacturer site. They just made it available for sale there a couple of days ago. It should start showing up in other sales channels in the next couple of weeks.

The manufacturer is Jasco, but they have licensed the GE name and all of the GE brand Z wave devices are made by them.

The model number for this will be GE 26931.


I may have across at least one of those threads and for sure read a post you made.

none of the threads indicated a model number though which I need so I can monitor my local hardware store if can find it there in my adventures… lol…

thank you …hopefully this thread gets updated when there is sighting of this switch on our local hardware stores.

The model number is in the user manual for the device, which is available on the manufacturer site. :wink:

It’s also the SKU number in their online store, although you can never be sure with that one.

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Found a place selling it @$49. On average, would this be just about the retail pricepoint? Or does anyone think it can be less if i waited a bit?

I just happen to be off work the coming days and would like to bet going replacing my bulbs/switches…


Where did you find it for $50?


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I want to do what this switch accomplishes, but in a 3-car garage with an entry door on each end, and only one light switch in the space. Timeout to off after XX minutes of no motion is important. One wall mount occ/vac sensor in one corner won’t cut it. It’s an easy commercial installation EXCEPT that I’d still like online monitoring & control. Anyone have a suggestion?