Need help figuring out which GE Switches these are

I admittedly took a while off from my ST integrations because of, well, life…

Now I’m back trying to get things wired up. Somehow my GE switches that were all in the boxes are all removed from their boxes (KIDS!) and without hooking them I’m I’m having trouble figuring out if they’re switches or dimmers and which model they are.

I have 3 GE switches here. 2 are Z-Wave and 1 is Z-Wave plus.
They are all Model: ZW4005
The ZWave plus at least says Ver 5.0 and 14291-2 at the bottom of the switch on the back side so that helps.

The two Z-Wave ones though are a little trickier to me.
Both Model ZW4005
Both Ver 3.0a on the back
Both say Relay Switch (whereas the plus says In-Wall Smart Switch)
The only difference I see is on the front where one has a white sticker with 1651 and one 1637.

Any ideas? Am I crazy and there is some super easy way to figure this out?


I picked up many non plus switches from Walmart late last year when they were putting them on clearance. Date code is 1708 and they are model 12722-2. I would imagine yours are also 12722.

I agree that they are almost certainly 12722.

Sorry for the late reply. I never received a notification.

Thank you for the help. I think they are probably 12722 as well. It would be great if there was an actual model number on it rather than just the same model number as the newer versions.