Simple 220v RGBW smart bulbs that works with smarthings?

I researched the forum and saw lots of threads regarding zigbee bulbs that losses messages and other stuff that made me confuse .
I need a simple (but smart) bulb that I will put on a table lamp and it will show me the status of some stuff I want to know (like motion on second floor when i’m sleeping set color to red or something like that ).
I don’t care if it’s zigbee,zwave or wifi .
I need something cheap, stable that will work with ST .
I live in 220V country (Israel).

What are the 2019 recommendation ?

  1. Philips Hue bulb with the Philips Hue Bridge. Very reliable, well engineered, official ST integration, no lost messages as long as you are using it with the Bridge.

  2. IKEA Tradfri bulb. Inexpensive, no additional Bridge required, official ST integration. No lost messages. The product description may say it needs its own gateway, but you can use the SmartThings hub instead. (The bulbs and the plug in Switch work well with SmartThings. The handheld buttons and remotes do not at this time.)

Both should be available locally in models that work with 240v.

Ikea in Israel not selling those bulbs :pensive:
Hue with or without the bridge is preety expensive.
Are there any other choice?

LIFX makes a WiFi RGBW bulb which is on the official ST compatibility list and LIFX says will work in Israel, but they are expensive

Which model ST hub do you have? And do you have an Amazon Echo device?

I have v2 and I have a the echo dot

US or U.K. hub?

Uk hub

OK, that makes it a little easier.

Aeotec, Hank, and Zipato all have RGBW zwave bulbs on the U.K. Frequency. Price varies, but the Hank should be the least expensive. I don’t know where you would buy them, but they might be worth looking at. They will join directly to the smartthings hub, you don’t need an extra bridge, and they should work fine as zwave repeaters.

I’m going to put a link to the vesternet page just because they show all of them. I wouldn’t pay too much attention to the ratings there, though, except that the original aeotec lamp (AEOEZW098) had some problems, but the newer model (ZWA002) is much improved.

So those bulbs cost at least 30+ pound.
I saw some wifi bulbs at about 20$ and even less but I don’t know know if they work with st.
So the only option I have is those expensive bulbs?
BTW I will be in the the state on May so if there is something that can fit I will wait

There are lots of cheap Wi-Fi bulbs. None of them work directly with smartthings and the fact that you want color makes it a lot more complicated. I’m also concerned because you want this for critical notifications, so lag could be a real problem. Finally, I personally don’t use any device which requires using a Chinese app to set it up because of major privacy issues. Also many of them are not safety rated.

Since you’re only looking for one bulb for notifications, if it was me, I would pay the extra 12 or £15 to get something that was easy to use with smartthings and had good safety ratings. But obviously that’s a personal choice.

I’m sure there will be other people Who can recommend some of the Wi-Fi options and explain how you get them to work with SmartThings.

That’s a valid and a good point.
I still wanted the option to have some cheap bulb that I can buy if I decide to have for another situations.