Cold Reboot

Will a cold reboot (remove all power for 15 minutes) of the ST hub cause the z-wave mesh to rebuild?

I’m not sure but you can do a Z Wave repair through the utilities option on the hub in the ide.
The method you are proposing is good for zigbee repair. I do for 30 mins though to make sure all the devices go into’panic’ mode.

or in the mobile app

No. It will cause the zigbee mesh to rebuild, but not zwave.

For zwave, as others have mentioned, you have to run a specific utility, the “Z wave repair utility.”

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I know about the z-wave repair utility For me, it starts and then never reports that it is finished. I have let it run for hours and nothing…

Once or twice a month some of my z-wave devices, mostly Leviton switches and outlets, become very slow to respond or do not respond at all. I have tried the z-wave repair with the results I described (no results). I find that a cold reboot seems to fix it for a few weeks. I am not sure why it does.

The cold reboot could force the hub to re-sync with the cloud account, that could clean out some latency. But it doesn’t affect the Z wave network directly in any way.

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The trick with the Z-Wave repair is to run it from the IDE (where you get feedback on completion) rather than the app (which never tells you it is complete).

I learned that from someone smarter than me on this forum (sorry, I can’t remember who).

It tells you if it is finished from the app:

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Interesting. Maybe they fixed that some time in the last couple of months. Mine would never get beyond “started” (even if I left it for an hour).

Yeah me either, mine never says it has completed.

Android vs IOS nuance?

I’m on Android. It’s worked for me through the App for over a year. When I have a rare issue with my GE Outdoor Smart Outlet not being able to be repaired, that will show within the messaging as well.

Android here too (Nougat). Weird :grinning:.

It’s possible that in all the past attempts I ran some other app in the meantime (rather than watch paint dry). Perhaps if ST is no longer in the foreground (i.e. another app is run) it loses track of what it was doing (or throws away the “completed” message).

Meanwhile, I am re-running it in the app, and it is reporting status (just not complete yet)).

Good call although I am on Android as well and it has never worked for me. It’ll say it has started but never finished, I’ve even disabled the screen off in case it was something to do with that but nope…

Interesting stuff. I have approximately 75 total devices and about 25 of those are Z-Wave. My Repair in app takes between 30 seconds and 1 minute.

Ah, maybe that’s it then, I’m at like 110 devices, of which I think about 60-70 or so are Z-Wave so a repair just seems to take forever, there has also been a bit of a performance hit on my Z-Wave mesh, things don’t react quite as quick as they used to sometimes.

That’s what I was asking @SteveWhite the other day. At what threshold do things begin to go awry as to the specific number of devices. Probably not attainable as nobody is probably monitoring the statistics of the timing of the repair from 29 to 30 devices, 99 to 100. I’m guessing there is some sort of tipping point or maybe the number of routes has something to end up making the repair take forever to complete.

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98 devices total, 37ish z-wave devices, 17ish which are repeaters, z-wave repair in iOS always completes in 2-5 minutes.

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Quick update - the repair actually took 10 minutes per the IDE log, but the app is still showing the blue spinner and two failures, as compared to the 26 failures shown in the IDE log - most (all except 4 errors for 2 devices) are for devices that I added and removed yesterday but I would still expect them to show in the app if they show in the IDE.

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Assuming you do not leave that part of the app while it’s running.

Yes, must remain on screen in app