ST taking longer with more devices and takes hours to run repair network

I have 33 devices (7 are virtual/simulated switches) and it seems ST is taking a lot longer to actually turn stuff on or off and get update notifications when I manually turn things off or on. It seemed much quicker when I only had 10-15 devices. I also noticed that I have a Lighting Smart App that turns several lights on when I get home at night. Sometimes not all of them will turn on.

Also when I run the Z-Wave Network Repair, it takes many hours to complete (like 10 hours). I’ll run it at night and according to my phone, will still be running in the morning. I’m not sure if I ever see that it says it completes, just eventually it is back on the previous screen instead of saying Z-Wave network repair started.

zwave repair from the phone reports poorly. Usually I just kick it off from the IDE and forgot about it.

I have nearly 100 devices (physical) with a mix of zwave/zigbee, response times are pretty good. Near instant, but some GE dimmer switches (due to a patent) cannot update status instantly and need to wait till a refresh, which is usually 2-3 seconds.

I do know the more devices you have in a routine does cause it to take longer to complete. It basically sends commands one by one, so when I run good night it checks my 30ish light switches if they are off, and that takes a bit.

If it is just slow overall try rebooting the hub, I had poor performance before and that helped.

I have double the amount of devices and my last Zwave repair too 10 minutes and that is with a device that was non-responsive…I agree that rebooting should be done as HOURS seems too much.

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I didn’t realize that Network Repair and Reboot could be done from the IDE. Just looked and its in My Hubs --> View Utilities right?
What is Ping Hub?
What is Presence Timeout? And what does the Update and Get Presence Timeouts do?


That is for your phone calculating presence. Usually there is a delay in reporting that you are not present, its to prevent problems if you leave for a few minutes.

Ping hub, is just a check to see if it is responding.

Reboot from the IDE is hit/miss for me. If the hub is acting up sometimes it won’t take a remote reboot and you have to pull the power/batteries, or press the red button on the hub,

How many powered zwave devices do you have?

~25 powered devices… Just did a reboot and it worked. Will do a Z-Wave Network repair now. Thanks

I’m running with 137 physical devices and about 20 virtual devices.

The only thing I’m seeing is a pretty good lag in my zwave switches. There is a few seconds delay all the way up to infinite. But it comes and goes do I know it’s not my devices.

Zwave repair varies for me… No longer than 15 to 20 minutes.

I have a mix of zigbee and zwave devices, a total of 87, and zwave network repair takes from 8 to 10 miinutes.

Sometimes it takes 3 repairs in a row to get it to run without errors and sometimes it works on the first try.

Whenever there are any errors I always re-run the network repair until there are no errors.

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Z-wave repair errors tend to happen due to sleepy battery-powered Z-wave devices, they sometimes don’t wake up in time to be part of the repair process. Running the Z-wave repair process multiple times allows you to reach those battery-powered devices and hopefully get them going.

what are you going to do when you the device limit ? ! A few long weekends you could be there in no time.

Well, I keep my virtual devices to a minimum… So, ice still got a ways to go… If you don’t count the box of 50 devices in my garage…

Which reminds me! I was in the garage earlier and I found an unmarked box… I opened and there were three hue color bulbs in it!

Now, I knew I had them, I just forgot…

I think I’m going to automate my mailbox… Tonight.

Anybody got a good piston with push and voice notifications I can copy?

that may qualify you as “junkie” :sunglasses: just sayin

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