Automatic daily Z-Wave repair

It has gotten to the point where Z-Wave is not at all reliable. I have multiple Z-Wave devices and repeaters but at least twice a week I have to do a Z-Wave repair as one or two devices don’t take commands. Once the repair is complete the devices all work.

I am suggesting that at a certain time very early AM in each time zone or from the mobile app on a schedule a Z-Wave repair be performed daily.

This problem has not gotten any better or worse, but this should be pushed through as quick as possible.

Contact support. They sent me a link for a smart app that reboots the hub daily and their is an option for zwave repair also.

I have to say the issue is like most others in ST. isolated to some users. I have not had a Zwave problem in forever. Zigbee well thats another story.

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on the phone as I write this, do you have the link as they are closed?

Hey, can you please share that link or even the code? Either here or in PM?

Thank you


Hey all,

I would caution against blindly executing a z-wave repair. Z-Wave repairs can be very beneficial, but in some cases can cause more harm than good to the z-wave mesh. There is a reason we don’t provide this natively as an automated feature, and something like this is unsupported. We do apologize for the linking of this app from a support technician and he has pulled the code from his personal GitHub since it can be harmful to your setups at home.

As for the consistent dropping of devices, I would recommend trying to look into the hops a message my need to make to that devices. It seems like a repeater is actually not repeating, so, is there anything obstructing that repeater? I know we don’t make the tools available to make this easy, but, the mesh is normally pretty straight forward anyways. Constant drop offs like this is normally due to a physical environment issues and not the mesh itself, in all my troubleshooting experience.


While I agree with the mesh part and I did not check that his app would probably solve a solution that is taking way to long to fix since cameras are officially supported. Or take cameras out of official support. I had to remove mine because it would lock my hub up every night when camera started recording based on events. So I had to manually reboot my hub in the morning which means for hours at night of all times I was without security. That’s a major issue. Since the removal of the cameras I have not had this issue. But right now I have 4 cameras of about $400 worth not integrated in ST like I was expecting them to be!!! Frustrating!!! I have spent about $2500 on ST devices and it bothers me. Ok done venting. Other then that great platform so far. But getting on a support guy for helping a customer is not good. Just have him take out the repair mesh option and keep the auto reboot!!!


I have heard this before from SmartThings staff, but I have to say I have never heard it in regard to any other certified zwave platform except SmartThings.

OZW has known routing issues that can be made worse by repeated builds, but that’s not a certified controller. Openhab has the same issues as OZW because it’s based on OZW.

Vera runs a Z wave repair every night. So do many commercial installs.

Homeseer recommends doing one every night, but leaves it optional because it takes the network offline and people using it for security may want to schedule it differently.

If the Z wave implementation in SmartThings is damaged by running a zwave repair, you folks should talk to Sigma, because that should not happen with a certified controller. The repair utility should always be a “can’t hurt, might help” option.



We didn’t “get on him”, but there are real risks so he offered to remove it. [quote=“joewom, post:7, topic:54703”]
keep the auto reboot!!!

What if there is a update happening to the hub at the time you reboot. The outcome of that could be painful.

Can you guys at least fix the reboot hub option from IDE, which does absolutely jack all? It defies logic to have it there when it doesn’t do anything.

I just rebooted my hub to test this and it worked.

I just posted that, less then 30 seconds before your reply…

But I will test mine again, last time I tried was maybe Jan - repeatedly and it did nothing.

Yep, I was on the thread already and actually already looking at my hub info. Watched the hub at my desk reboot.

The hub freezing every night is painful as well. Or not being able to use over $400 in cameras I thought I would be able to. The whole reason I left simplisafe and started looking at home automation. They promised cameras for over 4 years and still doesn’t have them. You all say you have them but not really as they cause major issues. Like frozen hub and nothing will report anything like security issues.

The next hub updates addresses some of these issues.

Not yet but it might take a bit. I look forward to it. Thanks.

Sorry I misspoke, no email yet, but the firmware update is coming. :slight_smile:

Keep a lookout for a change-log

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Got an email. Can’t wait!!!

exactly what I did!!! Just was alone.:joy:

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