Classic iOS app 2.20.1 released (October 20, 2020)

the final release for the classic app :frowning:

Be warned: all it does is prompt you to logout


Yup, if you’ve already migrated it locks you down

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If you have NOT migrated yet, it gives you more options…but be warned, it was intentionally designed to only support migration, not ongoing use.


I had a weird consequence of installing this update and then logging out. Two of my three MyQ controlled garage doors automations stopped working. They had been working great for a month since migrating to the new app. After some debugging I found that it reversed the associated door tilt sensors of the two doors that stopped working. I’m assuming it happened during the migration but since it was still correct in the old app it was still working.

Do you have a support ticket with additional details regarding this? Updating the Classic app and logging out wouldn’t cause this and the app migration doesn’t change devices either.

No, I was able to resolve it without a support ticket. It is a mystery to me how the door sensor pairing could be swapped. There was also a new version of the MyQ app installed on my phone yesterday, so maybe that was the source of the issue? After doing the app update (both ST and MyQ) while at work, the indication was when I arrived home my automation to open the door worked but the automation to close wouldn’t and the door remained open. The app showed it as closed though. A closer look showed that when I opened the door in the app it would open but immediately change the state to closed because the tilt sensor from another closed door was paired to the opener. Since the tilt sensor never showed open it assumed the door was still closed. After swapping the tilt sensor assignments everything is working again as it should.