Classic app RIP

Classic App finally killed
No longer works
Prob due to the latest hub update

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nope… due to recent classic app update and whether you have completed the migration

I was using the Classic App primarily to see the Presence
Who’s home and Who’s away

I guess I will have to use the work-around that Others have done

A new version of Classic deployed Tuesday.

Somewhere in the forum they announced intent to distribute this version. It is intended to ONLY allow short one off app control for devices that still dont work in New and migrate those who arent migrated yet.

THEN - (ominous music) They were supposed to disable access to all versions of Classic LESS Than 2.20.1.

This will stop all old versions of classic from connecting - catching the iOS devices that have not been taking updates to Classic and Android APK’s floating around on mirrors.

So, do you have an old version on your device? :slight_smile:

I have Classic 2.17.0
It was GREAT

Then it sounds like they finally shut the door on the IDE for the old versions. Good to know. The forums are about to light up. :slight_smile:

For the record I had my money on tomorrow, but this makes more sense - you don’t make major changes on a weekend because of helpdesk availability.

still working for me, but i have not updated on my cheap on-the-go phone in about a week due to limited space.

Except ST has a history of doing exactly that :wink: .


Well, I did say I originally thought it was going to be Friday. :sunglasses:

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disgusting what they did, new app completely unintuitive, looks like designed by kids and neo coolcam plug with handlers by @krlaframboise shows now as open/close sensor.
never again anything from samsung

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Handlers can be modified to fix the UI, but I’ve written over 50 handlers and I’m in the middle of writing 7 new ones so I haven’t had time to work on the handlers of devices that I’m not using…



Thank you for helping us, for your generosity.
I am afraid persistent Samsung efforts to break things will damage your work again sooner or later.

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You’re right.

Phase 3 of their “Classic App Sunset” is the retirement of the IDE which will kill all custom DTHs. There’s supposed to be a new way of writing them, but SmartThings hasn’t provided any information about that or a timeline yet.

Why sunset an app that has vastly more capability than its successor? Why develop a successor app that diminishes the user experience of thousands of existing customers. Perhaps there is the product plan that would make me want to remain a smartthings user rather than migrating to an app that has the capabilities that I require? Inquiring minds would like to read that plan.

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Now that Classic is done…Can someone direct me to the link where I can setup Mobile Presence tab or button viewable on the New App?

I was primarily using the Classic App to view if the User(s) were Home or Away.
Now that Classic is gone…I’m unable to do so.

The NEW ST App doesn’t have that feature. I did read somewhere that there other users were able to setup a workaround using webcore i think…
Any help is appreciated. I would like to setup a button/or tab where I can see if Other Users are Home or Away on the New App

thankyou in advance

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The easiest way is to set up a virtual switch activated by the phone presence

Viewable presence in the new app - Apps & Clients / SmartThings (Samsung Connect) - SmartThings Community