CT100 Programmable Thermostat - CANT SEE ICON

Hi - I have been using Smart Things “Classic” for years and have never had a problem with 99% of my devices. I noticed when I look at the device “CT100 Programmable Thermostat” there is an icon that shows the state of the Thermostat. The ICON has been grayed out for more than a year and I would really like to fix it. If I click on it it still works the way it should but it is always greyed out and never indicated the status of the furnace.

Hi @a211097,

If the device handler you are using was developed by someone in the Community, then you may be able to contact them for help; but, if you’re using the default SmartThings handler, then it’s unlikely that will ever get resolved since SmartThings is moving everyone to the new app. I suggest getting caught up on the switch in the link provided below. There are over 800 posts in this discussion, so I recommend starting with the very first one, and then looking through replies that come from SmartThings staff for answers before jumping to conclusions from community member posts. You can recognize replies from ST staff because they’ll have a badge and special logo next to their name:


Get ready to make the switch!

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This issue actually affects the 2.18.x release of the Android Classic app and ST has scheduled it to be fixed in the 2.19 release. Meanwhile one option is to downgrade back to the 2.17 release for Android.