Chime first, then siren if alarm not turned off after certain time?

If I accidentally let the dog out at night without turning off Smart Home Monitor while armed, it would be nice to not have the siren wake my family up.

My previous alarm system would have a quiet alarm go off for say 30 seconds. If the alarm code wasn’t entered on the keypad, the siren would go off.

Are there any rules I can make that don’t immediately result in the siren going off but rather on a timer?


I just want to make sure my post was clear. I want an alarm mode that doesn’t instantly result in the siren going off. My “traditional” security system would have a quiet alarm indicating you had 30 seconds to enter the code on the keypad. I’m not seeing functionality like that anywhere. Amirite?

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There are different parts to your question.

settng a delay

Smart home monitor, which is the “solution” in the official smart things mobile app, does not have a time delay to give you time to disarm. I’m not sure why. They may add it in the future.

There is a very popular community created smartapp, smart alarm, which does have the delay feature. So it’s definitely possible to have a delay with custom code, or by using smart alarm.

having two tones

As far as I know, the Aeotec siren cannot change sounds on the fly. Only as part of a full configuration. ( I don’t know if the doorbell is any different.)

You could definitely do it with two different devices. One that went off initially, and then one that went off after the delay using one of the delay methods in the section above.

So, I think you can do it in SmartThings, but it’s not as simple as just a built in setting on one of the alerts in the smart home monitor. It would take some custom work and it would probably take two devices unless there’s a particular siren that can change sounds on the fly.

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I too would like the ability to have a timer after a trigger, to give the user time to disarm the alarm system. Thanks for the smart alarm option, i’ll take a look at it. It would be nice however to get this feature in the built in security system.

Smart Alarm is great – but I sure wish we had the same sort of dashboard integration that SHM gets. Without the delay, SHM is completely useless for me.

This would definitely be a big help. Especially since mine doesn’t always arm/disarm properly. “Welcome back, alarm off, etc…” then I open the door and WAAA WAAA WAAAAAA