Can you delay Siren Alarm after sensor trigger

I’m just starting to install door & window sensors to setup my house like a real alarm system. I want to know if I can delay my Siren alarm going off after a door/window sensor trigger like a house alarm. Basically if I open my door with the system Armed, can I delay the siren like 30 seconds to give me a chance to get my phone out & disarm the system?

This might be worth a read:

I have left this in place since that post and it is working fine. I would suggest trying to find a delay in CoRE (which likely provides a more elegant solution). I haven’t done so yet because I don’t have the need. Message me or post here if you have any questions.

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Where would I add a delay to CoRE for this kind of setup I’m looking for? I’m just getting started with setting up my smart home. I work in IT so I’m a quick learner.

I’ve created a new zone based security SmartApp that provides various options for arming/disarming with delays.

I plan on releasing a beta version soon, but if you’re interested in trying out the Alpha version, let me know and I’ll send you the code and documentation.

The SmartApp has a bunch of notification options, but you can also view the security alerts and arming/disarming changes from within the SmartApp so you don’t have to use them. That allows you to continue using SHM for the notifications while testing the new SmartApp to see if it provides the functionality you’re looking for.

Hey-- i’m curious to try this app out. Can i use it in conjunction with SHM? we have Scout monitoring-- which has a 45 second delay in responding. But i don’t want the siren sounding when we open the door.

We are using a Schlage key lock to disarm the system-- but it sometimes doesn’t happen fast enough…

If you’re referring to the SmartApp I mentioned, it allows you to set entry/exit delays based on specific contact and/or motion sensors. SHM can be used to arm/disarm the system.

I thought Smart Alarm was going to be revived so I stopped development on my SmartApp and it’s still a beta version. Some users and myself having been using it for months, but I’ve been told the UI is confusing. I’ll probably start working on it again within a couple of months and create a topic for it at some point, but you’re welcome to try the beta version in the meantime.