Wondering if Smart Alarm is capable of doing what I want it to do

I’m new to SmartThings, and after a day of of reading hundreds of posts I am not sure SmartThings can do that I want it to do without a huge time investment. I would love to be proven wrong but I don’t want to learn a new language only to find out SmartThings isn’t “there yet.”

Here’s what I want.

I want to be able to trigger a thing in the delay after the sensors are sprung and before the sirens go off. I see no options in Smart Alarm other than the delay length. Is there a simple way to do with without getting into complicated code? I have pets that freak if the siren goes off, so I do not want to risk false alarms.

I want a non-terrifying beep or a chime to play during the delay before my sirens are triggered. Are there any compatible things that play such a sound?

Yes this is very simple . Go into the Smartthings app, then go into the marketplace, then smart apps, then safety & security the app you want is called smart alarm . It lets you have a delay to enter/exit and you can also set it up to have a simple push notification for the alarm so your pets don’t get upset. Hope this works out for you .

Here is what I have done so far… Still not happy though.

I am using 2 Aeon sirens. One is wrapped with tape and stuffed in a box with insulation so it isn’t so loud, set to siren #5 and volume #1. This one is triggered from the Smart Home Monitor and runs for a minute (minimum length) when triggered.

I left the second one at default settings I have tied to the Smart Alarm and goes off after the 30 second delay.

So door opens, muffles siren beeps, then 30 seconds later if I don’t disarm, the loud siren goes off.

Problem here is that I can’t disarm the muffled siren by simply selecting a routine after it is triggered, I have to dismiss it from the Smart Home Monitor screen and that is really annoying an slow.

Check out Rule Machine, it should allow you to do this.

Thanks so much for the Rule Machine tip!