Smart home monitor Siren still sounds after disarming

Hello guys first post not sure if I’m posting in right place but I need some help here

So the way I’ve got my home setup is that we like to use Google routines when leaving, bedtime and arriving home, in these routines we include scenes to change the home mode on smartthings therefore alarming the alarm etc, we do this because not all of our devices are smartthings compatible, anyway so in the Smart home monitor when set to armed and we open the front door the contact sensor alerts the smart home monitor and after a delay of 30 seconds our siren sounds, which is good however if it’s us arriving home we can then use Google to disarm the smart home monitor using a routine with a number, but even if we disarm the monitor the process to turn on the siren has already started and will sound after 30 seconds, in order to get around this currently I’ve put a smart plug powering the siren so that once we’ve disarmed the monitor it cuts power to the siren, which isn’t ideal, I’ve tried the community shm delay but I can’t get it to work for my purpose, so please whatever suggestions people can think of I’ll try and post my results

I assume you’re using the new app? Currently you have to dismiss the alert in order to silence the siren.

Ok thank you that makes sense, so is there a way around that, I tried using the old app but it doesn’t let me set a delay before the siren activates, and it’s a little difficult to tell Google to disarm the home when there’s a siren blasting, is there any way to set a scene that will dismiss the alert or anything, any suggestions for me to try I will try

The workaround

ST response

Thank you for your response however this does not apply to me, the siren does not turn on upon immediate entry to my home, it turns on after a delay of 30 seconds into my home, so turning it off when it’s already off doesn’t help

I could remove the delay and do this but I won’t as trying to say “hey Google (code)” is difficult over the sound of the siren alarming

This is the exact issue:

  1. Entry delay expires
  2. Siren sounds
  3. System Disarms
  4. Siren keeps sounding

solved by adding the siren off command when the system disarms.

Is it possible your system is not disarming?

Create the above Automation. It will work. If the siren turns on and STHM state is disarmed, the siren won’t sound. At least it doesn’t here and I tested this extensively when I set up SHM Delay to work with STHM .

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No sir
Someone breaks into my home

  1. Arrive home contact sensor opens
  2. Entry delay expires
  3. Siren sounds
    This is good

I arrive home

  1. Contact sensor opens
  2. Delay of 30 seconds starts
  3. Within 30 seconds I use a Google routine which changes the home mode to home which in turn disarms SHM
  4. After 30 seconds siren still turns on. Even though the system is disarmed

It’s going to unless you dismiss the intrusion in the app. It’s designed that way. You will ALWAYS have to clear the intrusion in the app. If you create the rule @arnb pointed you to, the siren won’t sound. You will still have to dismiss the intrusion though.

Have you confirmed the system is actually disarmed, this should not occur.
Try disarming with the phone app

Yes tried and tested

I’m currently uploading an unlisted video to YouTube highlighting my issue and I will post the link here once it’s up, I’d appreciate you taking the time to watch please

It’s going to happen, Arn, unless he disarms the system BEFORE he opens his door. He is disarming, using Google home, after the door is open, and the intrusion has already occurred. The system is functioning as Smartthings designed it. If the door opens, the countdown begins, and the alarm will sound even if the system is disarmed. The reason I had to add the Automation to keep the alarm from sounding in the event of an accidental breach.

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Yes you are exactly right and yes I understand that it is the way the system intends, but a normal home security system will give you a few seconds to enter a code and if the code isn’t entered after those seconds are up then the alarm will sound, that’s what I want for here, surely there’s a way of doing it, also here is an unlisted video link, it’s me in my home showing an example of what my situation is

There is no native way within Smartthings to do what you are asking. Thats the reason why @arnb designed and released SHM Delay. Unfortunately, Smartthings is not going to natively do what you are wanting it to do.

What happened when you tried using SHM Delay? This is what I use an it gives me the functionality that you are looking for.

I don’t know it was very confusing, I made a virtual contact sensor and used that in my smart home monitor instead, then when I created a delay profile It asked me which one was real and the virtual one so I set those, then when I did my tests the siren just didn’t activate at all

Did you use the classic app to set it up?

Yeah but after it didn’t work I just went back to the new app and setup everything again

Ok. You are the third person that has had this issue. I’m wondering if Smartthings did something in the backend. Have to see what @arnb thinks. The program is tough to set up initially but it’s kind of weird everyone seems to be having the same issue.

In the meantime you will have to either disarm before you open the door or, create the rule so the siren doesn’t sound and clear the intrusion after you get inside. I don’t have any other advice right now. Sorry!! :worried:

Thank you, for now I will keep using my smart plug that powers the siren and use the Google routine to cut the power to it upon entry, if you haven’t watched the video I posted above I’d appreciate it if you did, to provide more clarification to my situation