Child Device Not showing up in IDE (9 feb 2021)

Hello everyone. I have a inovelli switch that I am trying to fully integrate. As part of the integration there are two child devices that control the status LED on the switch. I’ve added those and they are showing up in the Smartthings app. I can use them to control the LED etc. However, they are not showing up in the Smartthings IDE as new devices. I am trying to integrate them into webcore and I can’t find them there either. I’m assuming these things are related and if I can get them to show up in the IDE then webcore will also know they exist. Anyone have any ideas?


I am not familiar with this particular device. Do the child devices appear as separate devices in the app or are they controlled as part of the main device? If the latter they are probably components and so wouldn’t be listed separately as devices in the IDE, though they can be accessed via the parent device page.

What have you done to integrate the child devices into webCoRE. Have you attempted to add the devices via the webCoRE SmartApp in the ST app, and if so have you checked in the Capability Groups if they aren’t listed as actuators or sensors?

There is something going on with the IDE for some users presently. In my case, I can’t make any changes to devices that have custom DHs, either in the app or the IDE. In my case in the IDE, even trying to make a simple change like the room throws a 500 error.

I’m wondering if this could be contributing to @Wright100’s issue, as it’s IDE related.

Thanks for the response. The child devices appear as separate devices in the app and have their own tile. The switches have a status LED on them and it allows you to use that child device to control the LED color/brightness. On the IDE if I click on the main switch it brings up the table with all the information about the switch and it lists two child devices under the child device section. If I click on the child device it gives me the unauthorized access page. I’ve been googling that, but I haven’t been able to fix it. I tried restarting the computer, changing browsers, running in incognito, and trying on my phone. Nothing changes the unauthorized access.

I am somewhat new to Webcore so the only thing I did already was trying to add the device using the available devices screen. I checked every available category and it wasn’t there.

Yes, sounds like a pretty straight forward child device that isn’t set as a component. I expect to see those in the IDE, though I have rather a small sample size to work with.

It does sound like the IDE is being a bit odd at the moment. One thing to watch out for if you are messing with webCoRE is that having the webCoRE dashboard open in your browser will cause errors in the IDE. Me neither, but it happens.