Wiz lights, can'd edit hub in IDE or add to WebCore

I have 10+ Wiz lights, all working with Smartthings. I have no big issues with the lights themselves, but I would like to use them with WebCore. My problem is that they have no hub assigned in the IDE (hence they are not showing in the list of available devices to be available in WebCore) and anytime I try assigning one, I get an Access Denied message.

I’ve tried both Safari & Chrome, private and incognito, and also contacted support with no solution. I’m 99% sure it’s specific to Wiz as they are the only devices of my 70+ that have no hub assigned. They were all added at different times and I’d rather not remove and re-add them as I have them all in various automations I don’t care to rebuild (plus they are a pain to get added initially).

Has anyone had a similar issue? Any help is appreciated.

Model of the WIZ lights?

If these are lights that are linked to your WIZ account… did they have Placeholder as the device type in IDE? If they did, you should not adjust that setting as it is using non-groovy device handlers for that product. There would also be no need to select a hub for linked services and their devices.

For webcore… did you look in capability group 1-3?

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I’m using these and these.

They did previously have placeholder as the device type, yes.

I’m not familiar with capability groups, I’ll look into it.

If the device shows “placeholder” it’s no longer fully compatible with the IDE.

The IDE will be going away once the transition to the New architecture is complete, but for now it’s just a mixed bag and can be pretty confusing. :thinking:

I wouldn’t expect them to have a hub assigned. I am also surprised to see them with a ‘RGBW Light’ device type as that is a Z-Wave handler.

Devices are listed for authorisation in webCoRE by capability. The two most prominent lists in the webCoRE SmartApp are ‘actuator’ and ‘sensor’ but those aren’t used with modern integrations so you have to use one of the many others listed under ‘Capability Groups’, such as ‘switch’.

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Understood, thanks. I’ll change them back to placeholder and I actually do see them now in capability group. Not sure how that escaped me until now. Appreciate the help.

You are treading a well worn path.

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Just an FYI… it was mentioned that IDE will be phased out once groovy is shut down on the ST platform but so will webcore. You may want to start planning or starting to think about other options such as routines/scenes, rules api or Samsung automation studio.

As for changing the placeholder device type, the only way is to remove the device and add it back through the linked service for WIZ.

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Only devices which actually connect directly to the smartthings hub should show a hub. Wi-Fi devices or devices that connect cloud cloud will not.

And unfortunately as @jkp mentioned, you can’t edit device types for devices using the new architecture through the IDE. Well, you can, but it won’t work in terms of functionality on your account. :disappointed_relieved: So you can’t change a device type to “placeholder” through the IDE and have it work correctly even if it was originally “placeholder.“ The only way to get those devices working on your account is to add them through their integration.

I know that’s super annoying: I wish they had made “placeholder“ devices non-editable in the IDE. It would still have been confusing, but it would’ve prevented some unintentional damage. But my guess is they’re just not doing anything with the IDE now since they know it will be going away once the transition is complete.