Cheaper at Amazon I think? GE Z-wave switches

(Chad) #1

So I came across these. I believe there the same as you get at lowe’s but less expensive I have about 20 of them in my house and have been absolutely solid for me. Just though I would share. You can actually get for even less if you buy used. Not so sure I would risk that though

(fightingmajor) #2

Putting what’s exactly cheaper than amazon in your title might help a ton.

(Chad) #3

Oops. Yea my bad. Fixed

(Mark) #4

Those are older generation z-wave dimmer, not newer z-wave plus. I can’t even find that one on the Lowe’s website. Doesn’t mean they aren’t worth buying, but FYI.

Also I edited your title because of an autocorrect error (I’m guessing. it’s “z-wave”, not “a wave”).

(Chad) #5

Damn the auto correct. Yea guess there not the plus but I dont think I personally have any plus in my set up. Could have saved a ton had I waited two years lol

(Mark) #6

Where’s the fun in that?

(Davin K Dameron) #7

FYI, I have bought a couple of refurb/used switches on Amazon and they wouldn’t pair no matter what I tried. Brand new switches in the same locations worked just fine. YMMV.


Did you do a general exclude on them before you tried to pair them? Quite often used zwave switches are still paired to their previous network and have to be excluded before you can add them to a new controller.

(Davin K Dameron) #9

Yes, I did try a general exclude. I suspect the inability to pair was why they were returned in the first place. I re-returned them, so I have no issue now. Just wanted to pass along my experience with used switches.


OK, always good to know, but the ones being discussed in this thread are new items, just from a discontinued model line.

(Davin K Dameron) #11

I was replying to the original poster’s statement.

“You can actually get for even less if you buy used”