Cheap wifi Globe LED Colour Changing Lights Smart Things Compatible?

$14 cdn each. Anyone heard of them before? Are they compatible with Smart Things?

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Just picked up some at Costco, trying to find out myself

Me too! Looking to see if/when ST will be adding them ?

Considering their WiFi and ST doesn’t have a WiFi receiver, they probably will not be added to ST.

However, they do work with Alexa and you can use the Alexa App as a middle man using Virtual Switches.

Can anyone confirm if these will connect in any way? Costco had them so curious. image

I rigged them up using a Virtual Switch, Webcore and some IFTTT webhooks. Not ideal but what can you do

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Any luck with these?

Sounds like a no go unless using IFTTT and virtual switches etc.

Was really hoping they would work. Wish the ST Hub would just work in general with wifi devices.

Thanks for the reply. Yeah, it seems as though ST is really best for Zigbee and Zwave. Not nearly as many WIFI devices supported natively.

which component in ifttt and what kind of virtual switch? these globe bulbs only work with its app, and not google home. looking for the “alternate”…lol. and thanks!

I have these being controlled by the smartlife app and mine appear in google home.
I currently have them connected to a DIY mode cube that uses a Samsung door contact sensor to change between 6 set colours.

Hey @pat_wobbly @Dave_Harrison @Rob_G @dragonz

Do these bulbs work with the (somewhat) recent globe suite integration?

How do you like these bulbs otherwise? I’ve been using the Wiz bulbs from Costco, and I’ve been happy enough with them, but it looks like they’re no longer in stock at costco.