Control WiFi RGBW lights with smartthings?

I have smart devices randomly spread out throughout the house and I’m slowly getting them all added to my hub, even those which aren’t natively supported. This forum has been a great resource. I have Alexa also and I’ve learned how to use that as a middleman along with creating virtual switches to get those devices to show in smartthings.

I have several WiFi RGBW bulbs. They are Sylvania bulbs if that helps. I’m starting just testing my options on one and then I will follow the same steps for the others. I have a simulated switch and contact sensor set up and routines in Alexa to turn the switch on or off if the simulated switch is pressed. That works fine.

My question is can I also control the color changing features and dimming the bulbs using the smartthings app? Or would this require creating routines for every single different scenario (if simulated switch is set to red, set bulb to red, etc)? I’m obviously not going to do that haha. Just wondering if I could set the simulated device differently or if there’s an existing smartapp to accomplish this.

Thanks !

First rule of home automation: “the model number matters.“ :thinking:

What’s the model number on these devices?

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Haha I was so sure I had thought of everything.

They are Sylvania smart+ WiFi full color dimmable A19 LED bulbs. Model number 75674.

Certain Sylvania bulbs are easily compatible with smartthings. These are not those.

Let me know if you need anything else.

OK, it looks like the only integration available right now is through Alexa routines. Essentially you would have to create the equivalent of scenes and activate those through an Alexa routine and a smartthings virtual device.

But that’s a lot of work and the smartthings integration has been glitchy recently so I don’t know if it’s worth the trouble.

Ok I figured as much. Thanks for checking for me.

I’ll stick with on/off for now lol.

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