LOHAS WiFi lights

Good evening,
I’m very new to all this, so just starting to plan what I want to do around the house!
I’m looking at getting a ST, hue bridge and dimmers and use the IKEA bulbs on the landing as know they ate compatible.

I want 5xGU10 coloured lights in one room, however the hue ones are pretty pricey and too big for the fittings. I have however found LOHAS ones on amazon which should seem to have pretty good reviews.

Does anyone know if I would be able to connect these up to the hue so I could use the hue dimmer switch, or is there anyway of using ST to achieve the goal of manually controlling them with the hue dimmer?

Thanks in advance!

Hue bulbs use zigbee to communicate with the hue bridge, those bulbs you linked to use WiFi.

If the app that controls those bulbs has an IFTTT channel, that could be one way to integrate those bulbs with Hue or ST.

Hi Mark,

Many thanks for your reply. I’ve just had a look and these bulbs are controlled by the tuya app.


Having a little search it appears that the SmartLife App is also developed by tuya and states in the description “Easily and quickly connect Tuya Smart App to devices”


IFTTT has a page about SmartLife on its website

So far im guessing thats looking promising! Would it require custom coding or would this be a simple task?

If those bulbs work with the same app that supports IFTTT, then it should be pretty simple.

You might find that it acts slowly though, since IFTTT can introduce a varying amount of lag.

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