Color Lightbulbs and ST

Looking for color bulbs and all I read are mixed reviews online. Turning the to actual community for feedback on the color bulbs and if they work well.

Don’t need anything fancy. Just want the basic red, green, yellow, orange and white for a year round bulb to provide holiday colors when needed controlled by webcore.

I use Slyvania Smart+ zigbee and Ikea tradfri rgbw bulbs. Ikea are cheaper, but the colors aren’t very deep. I’d go with Sylvania.

Thanks! In your opinion, would the Ikea colors suffice for the holidays?

Not really. The red is more of a pink.

I just ordered the Sylvania. They were cheaper at Amazon at the moment.

Hi, received the bulbs. Are they supposed to reset on one switch turn off? I lose connection after I turn off the switch and turn it back on. Wondering if I received a defective one.

No, they shouldn’t reset. Are they doing the color dance to indicate they have reset when you power them back on? You really shouldn’t cut power to them, though. That turns off the radio that communicates to the SmartThings hub. So maybe what you’re seeing is they haven’t rejoined your hub when powering back on.

Yes, they were doing the color dance. I figured it out. I hooked them up to a switch that had a dimmer and that resets them at the lower power. I was just testing them in the kitchen. I was not able to control them after they did that.

I do have one hooked up to dummy switch that is constantly on and the other to a smart switch. Don’t really feel like pulling it out. I know someone in the family will eventually turn it off accidentally.

I am really digging them so far though. Very customizable via webcore. Hopefully they stand the test of time.

Thank you so much for your help though.

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I have philip hue A19
work super
rather pricey though

I’d also recommend Sengled’s color bulbs. I found them cheaper than Sylvania. Also, cutting the power off at the switch produces no Ill effect. My wife does it several times a day. Once turned back on, they reconnect almost instantly. I run 14 of the recessed style.
Something to keep in mind if you grow the setup.